WordPress Updates Service

What does a WordPress Updates Service entail?

Your website is made up of themes, plugins and other pieces of code which make up the website. If one of these pieces breaks, your website could go offline or a ‘hacker’ could gain unauthorised access to your website through a flaw in code. This is why it’s important to update your website on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions.

FAQ’s of the WordPress Update Service

WordPress updates are basically modifications to your websites code. Behind the scenes code changes can help improve the performance of your website which can make it faster to run. They could also be code changes which help secure your website from hackers. A website will never be 100% safe however regular updates to your website will keep the baddies at bay.

WordPress updates mainly come in three forms for a WordPress website. That is updates for your WordPress Installation, updates for your WordPress Theme or updates for your WordPress Plugins. All which will need to updated on a regular basis.

It’s recommended that before any updates are installed on a WordPress website that your website is backed up before any update operation takes place. After all updates can break a website too!

WordPress updates should be applied on a regular basis, at least once a month. We recommend once a week for good measure.

Plugins that haven’t been updated for years should be removed, especially if they haven’t been tested on the latest WordPress version. These plugins can be prone to a backdoor hack on your website. We also suggest you keep your plugin count to a mininum especially when it comes to the speed of your website.

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