WordPress Speed Optimisation Service

Did you know, the speed of your website can affect it’s ranking on Google? Google likes to ensure people who uses its search engine are having a good experience. This means that the loading of a website plays a critical role in the search engine rankings.

Whats Included in the WordPress Speed Optimisation Service?

Check out what’s included in the WordPress Speed Optimisation Service:

Frequently Asked Questions.

FAQ’s of the WordPress Security Monitoring Service.

We aim to get page load time within less than 2 seconds if not faster. This is not guaranteed and depends on how much content you have on your website pages. We will recommend things which will help improve speed.

Yes! Some hosts are very slow. We won’t say which ones but if you need your website hosted we help ensure your site is placed on our recommended hosting providers.

We’ve teamed up with WP Rocket. After doing our research we found WP Rocket to be the industry standard when is comes to improving page speed times.

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