WordPress Security Monitoring Service

Making sure your website is safe and secure is one of the most important things you need to make sure is on point. One overlooked part of your website security could mean a hacker will have control of your website.

Whats Included in the WordPress Security Monitoring Service?

Check out what’s included in WordPress Security Monitoring:

Frequently Asked Questions.

FAQ’s of the WordPress Security Monitoring Service.

We use Ithemes Security Pro with our expertise to protect our clients websites. Ithemes Security Pro have a suite of tools which protects your site from the baddies. This includes 2 Factor Authentication, IP Blocking, Login URL change and a lot of more features which help secure your site.

If your site gets hacked, we’ll do our very best to help clean your site up. If your website is beyond repair we can use one of your recent backups to restore the site to how it was.

Yes! Changing your password on a regular basis is a recommended thing to do. 

Each site is different but having over 20 plugins on your website can deem to be excessive. It really depends on how many features your website has. Do consider if some plugins are essential to your website. Remember the less plugins you have on your website the faster your website will run!

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