WordPress Backup Service

Having a backup solution in place for your website helps ensure you won’t lose everything if something bad happened to your website.

Whats Included in the WordPress Backup Service?

Check out what’s included in a WordPress Backup Service:

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FAQ’s of the WordPress Security Monitoring Service.

What would you do if you woke up one morning and found out your website was offline or something bad happened to it? I would be running around livid. No threat though as I know I would have a copy of the website to restore from. For some others this may not be the case and you will need to recreate the website from scratch. There are a number of reasons why you can lose a website – Hosting provider could go offline, a bad update can cause a corrupt database or even a hacker taking control of your website. For certain there’s one thing that will be a lifesaver, a backup. A backup can be used to restore your website to its former glory.

Depending on which tier you choose, we can backup your website monthly, biweekly or weekly. It really depends what kind of website you run and how much you update it.  If for some reason your website went down we will restore it using the last known backup on file.  

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